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“We Not Only Build The Box, We Think Outside the Box!”

We consider ourselves to be problem solvers, innovative thinkers, and partners with our customers first and foremost. ABC Containers, Inc. has been able to find solutions to a wide variety of packaging challenges to provide you with custom shipping boxes and custom packaging.

You’ll find we provide customized, cost-effective packaging solutions, fast turnarounds with exceptional quality and service – everything you need to stay competitive within today’s market.


ABC Containers, Inc. offers a complete range of packaging products, from the basics like tape and boxes to custom solutions for unique shipping needs.


While we 95% of our boxes are custom manufactured, we find that from time to time, a common or ‘stock box‘ is needed. These are great for storage, mailing, and moving.

Bubble wrap is not only great for shipping products, it’s ridiculously fun. Call us for a great deal on a bubble wrap roll today.

If you’ll be moving soon, don’t forget the stretch wrap. Once used mainly by professional movers, this handy plastic wrap for moving is now available in various sizes and gauges and perfect for any DIY move.

Protect your shipments and ensure your packages arrive safely.
We stock many types of foam to pad packages for shipping. Packing foam can be cut into custom shapes, to your custom dimensions, or convoluted (cut like an egg crate).

Packing Peanuts are ideal for home or business use. Peanuts are designed for placing around delicate objects to give your packaged item a cushion that prevents direct contact with the box.

Check out our selection of packing tape for your next big move! You’ll find heavy duty packing tape and clear shipping tape for all your boxes. Order today!


Pack A First Night Box
Pack a labeled box with all of your first night necessities and put it in your personal vehicle so it’s the first thing unloaded.

Plastic Wrap is Your Best Friend
Use plastic wrap to keep things in place. You don’t need to empty your drawers, just plastic wrap them shut.

Use Boxes with Inserts
The inserts in boxes are perfect for protecting your glass cups, wine glasses, and vases.

Double Box Your Valuables
If there is anything you are worried about during your move, consider double boxing it for extra protection. This is especially true for computers. Don’t forget the bubble wrap too!