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ABC Containers offers a variety of corrugated box styles designed to suit many different packaging and shipping needs. The selection of corrugated styles allow you to select a packaging option that will work best to display the product as well as protect it during distribution. Many can be customized to your company’s specific needs to create a container that will safely and effectively transport and present your product.

ABC Containers also offers corrugated dividers or partitions to keep products protected. The corrugated dividers are a very simple but effective means of packaging fragile items safely.

Products that are fragile, such as glass products or liquid filled containers, commonly use a partition. The partitions can come assembled or unassembled and are easily inserted into one of the containers.
The dividers keep the items from moving around excessively or hitting each other during shipping. Partitions require much less material than bubble wrap or styrofoam and are easy to warehouse, assemble, and recycle.


Listed below are some of the more common box styles that we run at ABC Containers. Depending on our customers’ needs, we can run a combination of these boxes or create a custom box style. Although those listed here are the most common, they are by no means the only ones we are able to produce. If you don’t see the exact style you are looking for in this extensive list, please contact us and we will help you find whatever you need.

RSC - Regular Slotted Container
This is the most common shipping container. This style typically doesn’t need a cutting die and can be used for a wide variety of applications. The flaps of this box meet in the middle.

HSC - Half Slotted Container

This style box is just like the RSC, except it has no flaps on the top of the box.
FOL - Ful -Overlap
With this type of box, both flaps are made to go completely to the other side of the box, fully overlapping each other. This provides extra strength on the flaps.
Five Panel Folder
This container is manufactured non-glued and arrives flat. It is usually used in packaging applications for long, narrow items, which need to be packaged manually.
Telescoping Tray
Telescoping trays have a top and bottom, which are used together to completely package a product. Often times a telescoping top is made to be the top for other boxes, such as an HSC.
Bulk Bin
Bulk bins are typically made to package large items, fruit and vegetables or industrial parts, which are shipped on a pallet. Most bulk bins are made of a heavy grade corrugated, such as double or triple wall.
Tuck Top
This style of box refers to the top flaps of the box and the closing mechanism. The tuck allows for a box to be closed and opened multiple times without tape or damage to the box. This design requires a cutting die.
Hallound Bottom
This style of box (we call it “hal” bottom for short) refers to the bottom flaps and the closing mechanism. The bottom flaps can be manually closed without any tape and can also be disassembled without damage to the box. This style is often used in reusable containers. This style requires a cutting die.
This fully die cut box can be completely assembled without any tape or adhesion. There is significant labor required to assemble this box, although it is an efficient box for smaller products which aren’t very tall or deep.
Double Glue
This box is similar to an RSC except it has an additional partition built into the box. This partition increases stacking strength and allows for a divider between two products. This style requires a cutting die.
WL Tray - Walker Lock
This tray is self-locking and has extra strength for stacking and interlocking. This style requires a cutting die.
Auto Bottom - Crash Lock
This style is very practical for reusable containers. The bottom flaps of the box are pre-glued and assembled, yet this box is able to be folded flat. Opening the box automatically brings the flaps into place


In addition to these box styles, we also provide:

  • Full Telescope Design Style Containers
  • One Piece Folder Containers
  • Five Panel Folders
  • Roll End Tuck Top Containers
  • Full Overlap Cartons
  • and may other styles not listed

We offer containers that can offer easy access and display as well as those that are designed to keep the product safe and secure during distribution. From fragile glass items to electronics, or retail packaging we have a custom packaging option that will meet your company’s needs.