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At ABC Containers, LLC, we know that quality is the most important aspect of a corrugated supplier. As such, we do everything we can to ensure our quality meets the expectations of our clients.

Since 2005, family owned ABC Containers, LLC has been serving the corrugated box manufacturing needs of companies throughout the southwest. Located in Tucson, Arizona ABC Containers, LLC specializes in a broad range of corrugated packaging, including standard brown shipping cartons, gaylord boxes, and pallet boxes as well as multi-functional point-of-purchase retail displays featuring corrugated die-cut inner packaging such as dividers and partitions.


The custom corrugated boxes design industry is one of the largest in the country. It’s an aspect of products not many people give much thought about. They can tell you everything about the stuff inside, but not many people know anything about the stuff that protects and houses them.

Corrugated board can be constructed as single wall, double wall, or triple wall:

  • Singlewall: The corrugated medium is glued between two sheets of linerboard
  • Doublewall: Three sheets of linerboard with two mediums in between
  • Triplewall: Four sheets of linerboard with three mediums in between

The flutes form the arch component of a corrugated box. They work using the architectural principle that heavy loads are more efficiently supported by using an arch.

By experimenting with flute profiles, designers can vary cushioning strength and thickness. Large flutes provide greater cushioning. Smaller flutes provide more structural integrity than flat board alone.

We manufacture a wide variety of custom corrugated packaging, including single-wall, double-wall and triple-wall exterior boxes, tubes and trays, as well as interior packaging, such as pads and partitions. We also offer a range of flute thicknesses.

Our slotted containers (regular, half-slotted, full-overlap and over-lapping) also offer a range of features, such as the auto-lock bottom, dividers/partitions, glued joint(s), stitch joint and telescoping.


We own the equipment, and we can do the job right here. We are your one-stop corrugated packaging provider.


Corrugated capabilities

  • Slitting
  • Die-cutting
  • Laminating
  • Two-color printing
  • Gluing
  • Stitching

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